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Rise against an overwhelming power
Defy the elements and the odds
Roll the dice

The Land is Drying Out


And Ananthians feel powerless. The golden era of humans, elves, and dwarves fades from the parched pages of history as an insatiable desert grows. But there is no bad situation that cannot be made worse. For the past three hundred years, the last kingdoms of the East have been under the dominion of a Machiavellian demon cultist-turned-lich.


Still, not all are ready to give up. From the crystal-speckled North Shore to the receding elven forests of the Southlands and from the hostage cities of the Eastern Marches to the pirate-infested Wrath Islands, there are those who won’t have it. They want back the Ananthia of song and tale in a time when hereditary titles carry little weight—and courage is in high demand.

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Knock on the Gates of the Shadow World
A Game Supplement Designed for the

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition

Forgotten Realms World



The Ananthia Campaign Guide is a 160-page, art-rich digital book featuring:
18 sub-regions hosting 46 major settlements
High-resolution, A2-printable maps of the continent of Ananthia and the Walled City of Beslen
4 new classes and sub-classes
6 new spells, divine and arcane
New region-specific racial traits
Two new materials for magic items, opening endless possibilities
4 new monsters and variations
A bonus supplement with an in-depth look at the continent’s largest city

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About the Author

From musician to serviceman, from assistant D.A. to globetrotting hotelier, Alex Brandon has no problem trying different things. And in the background of all that, a passion for writing was nurtured, producing short stories and adventure modules for his D&D campaigns—thence, Ananthia was born.

What began as an unpretentious escapism exercise received enough encouragement to take the shape of a detailed campaign guide. Was the juice worth the squeeze? He’ll let you be the judge of that.

Alex is an avid reader with a nerdy soul, who loves swimming with his 15-month-old daughter. He does not usually look like The Edge left U2 for Pantera, but thought this photo looked pretty cool.
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